This summer you can have fun at the Aquadream from the 22th of June!

Gioghende Cun S'Abba: the first reality show in a water park

Last year Aquadream was chosen as the location for a unique event in Sardinia and throughout Italy: the first reality TV show set in a water park.

"Gioghende Cun S'Abba" took on a new format and devised a competition between teams, inspired by the famous Games Without Frontiers. Entertaining athletic tasks were performed from the park’s slides and attractions and the program was aired on Videolina, Sardinia’s largest television network.

Six teams were selected from among hundreds of candidates who registered from all over Sardinia; each team consisted of five competitors, between 18 and 55 years old.

Gioghende Cun S’Abba

The competition took place every Sunday of June 2015 and was broadcast on TV over four episodes, directed by Stefano Di Franco, along with a fifth summary episode. During the competition the public could participate and get involved in the fun.

In the first episode teams were challenged with the "Enchanted Garden" of Selargius (CA) led by Valentino Murru, 30 year old entrepreneur, with teammates Diego Cuccu, Francesca Panzeri, Efisio and Stefania Secci Paulis. The other team "Navar" had as captain Zoccheddu Naomi, an 18 year old high school student from Olbia with teammates Antonio Held, Asia Collu, Riccardo and Vincenzo Campesi Marfoli.

Team Selargius caught up with Team Navar by the end of the competition and managed to reach the second challenge.

In the second episode teams "One Donorection" from Donori and "The Sfisicati" from Olbia, led by Ivan Valente were faced with challenges. The Olbia team managed to win.

In the third episode of the "Warriors" of Donori and the "Coast To Coast" directed by Alexander Giraldo, there were mixed teams of competitors from both the north and the south. It was the latter who were the victors.

The fourth episode showed the three finalists: the Enchanted Garden team from Selargius, the "Coast to Coast", and "The Sfisicati" of Olbia. The winning team of Gioghende Cun S'Abba was, against all expectatios, "the Sfisicati" of Olbia.

After four episodes, a fifth episode was aired to sum up the highlights of the first edition of Sardinia’s first reality game

Among the awards, each competitor of the winning team was offered a day on a dinghy by Mare Fun (from Golfo Aranci) and a weekend on a sailboat in the Archipelago of La Maddalena for the whole team, offered by Punta Baja, where the final party took place.

The creator and producer of the program, Andrea Galante had declared that he liked to "put up for grabs in premiums that were not money, because I wanted the participation of the competitors was emotional and committed, and did live the beautiful and friendly moments in memory of the participants, not that it was tough to win the prize and I was particularly pleased to have had hundreds of entries with the desire to join the competition".

The innovative format of Gioghende Cun S'Abba was not only an opportunity to showcase our water park but also allowed enthusiastic competitors to compete and have fun thanks to the involvement of some comedians.

In fact, the program alternated between sports competitions to comedy, as outstanding personalities such as Zara and Cossu Francesco Porcu attended, wandering through the park and visiting the competitors in September.

Among the guests were Luca Tilocca, Nicola Cancedda, photographer Adriano Mujelli, journalist Gianni Ledda, director Pietro Mereu. former goalkeeper of Juventus, entrepreneur Giancarlo Alessandrelli, and Raffaello Orselli former contender for the third edition of Big Brother.

Gioghende Cun S'Abba was also sponsored by Aquadream, La Jacia Hotel (where the teams stayed), Punta Baja (where closing party took place), Mare Fun, House & White, and Media Partners Videolina, L'Unione Sarda and Radiolina.