This summer you can have fun at the Aquadream from the 28th of June!

Come and take part in Aquagym at Aquadream

There are many activities one can do at Aquadream!

In our water park, the first in Sardinia and the only one in Costa Smeralda, you can spend a day of pure fun among water slides, swimming pools and various attractions.

Over the years our attraction has been enriched with various services, thanks to our great staff, who are ready to help you enjoy a day of relaxation and unforgettable fun.

Aquagym is an activity that combines fitness and fun. Moving in the water to the rhythm of music is something that everyone likes, why not do it at Aquadream?

Get ready to destress and enjoy the water. Aquagym is particularly suitable for those who do not like spending all their time just on attractions, but prefer to alternate between other types of activity.

In our swimming pool you will have the opportunity to alternate between going down slides and just enjoying moments of pure fun and relaxation.

Why do Aquagym?

Because in the water everything becomes easier and more fun. You can do exercises that are usually done in the gym.

The first benefit of aquagym is muscle strengthening. Muscles are strengthened thanks to different movements.

Moving in water helps shape the body and combat water retention. Aquagym helps you lose calories. You will feel more toned and light!

If you suffer from back pain aquagym will help you improve your posture and the frequency of your pains.

Even the heart and breathing can benefit: the whole cardiorespiratory system improves thanks to this activity. Just the aquadance is a type of aquagym that your cardiorespiratory system will benefit from.

In addition, aquagym is suitable for women who want to reduce excess cellulite and is an activity for all ages, from children to adults.

We have given you one more reason to come to Aquadream, we are waiting for you again this year!